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1. Mapping JFreeChart Series Name to Series Index

I'm plotting a TimeTableXYDataset using a StackedXYBarRenderer. Unfortunately the colours of each series change on refresh. I know how to set colours using the setSeriesPaint method of the renderer, but that takes ...

2. problem with Series index number

I want to set the Paint of the Series with: r.setSeriesPaint() For exemple: i want to set the third series i put into the graph. So i do: r.setSeriesPaint(2, Color); Now, another series changes color, and not the third series i put into the chart in the beginnen. These index numbers of the Series, they are the same as the order ...

3. Custom series index

Hi, Is it possible to specify custom series index when using generic loop to populate timeseries plot? For example, if I have 3 plots, I want the series index to be a specificed given number ie. 2,34,23 instead of the default series index 0, 1,2. The reason behind this insanity is that I want to do some data editing with the ...

4. Series Index

5. series index vs RegularTimePeriod

mili = new Millisecond(timeFromFirstColumn); seriesArray[index].addOrUpdate(mili, yVariable);

6. Setting index of series