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1. Time Series Chart Item Labels Visibility Issue

jfreechart-1.0.0-rc1 modified to Moving Average Objective / Challenge: To make the item labels visible in the graph (The corresponding y-axis values should get displayed wherever the circle shape intersection occurs) The output of the graph is being saved as jpg file (ChartUtilities.saveChartAsJPEG). The code (incomplete): ChartFactory.createTimeSeriesChart( "", // title "", // x-axis label "", // y-axis label dataset, // data ...

2. why no TimeSeries.addOrUpdate(TimeSeriesDataItem item)?

Hi there. I just wanted to say "Thanks!" for the JFreeChart library. It's very awesome! I have a quick API question: why isn't there a TimeSeries.addOrUpdate(TimeSeriesDataItem item) method? It's just for convenience, but it would be nice if it was there, considering addOrUpdate(RegularTimePeriod period, Number value) exists. Thanks! And keep up the great work! =)

3. TimeSeries setKey method causing double legend items

TimeSeries setKey method causing double legend items by truthsense Fri Nov 18, 2005 5:34 pm I have an application using JFreeChart that plots data 2 different ways: 1. A proprietary formatted archive is read from a file, which could be 100,000 plots per graph (7 graphs). 2. Realtime data is received through TCP/IP packets and parsed (same line format as ...

4. Could Time Series shows item label directly?

According to the development manual, I create a Time Series chart, But I wanner to know how to showing item label on the chart directly? I try to add one line code on here, but I failed. if (renderer instanceof StandardXYItemRenderer) { StandardXYItemRenderer rr = (StandardXYItemRenderer) renderer; rr.setPlotShapes(true); rr.setShapesFilled(true); rr.setItemLabelsVisible(true); //I add this line } So anybody can help me?

5. How to display only one TimeSeries item in chart

Hi all. I have an urgent question. I need to show TimeSeries chart based on TimeSeriesCollection dataset. I have a data, which contains (sometimes) only one item, hence there is only on one TimeSeries item in TimeSeriesCollection. It is not visible, because there is no second point (second TimeSeries to connect to) How to make chart draw the horizontal line based ...

7. help removing all data items from the time series

Hi, My name is Felipe, and im working with dynamic chart of jfreechart. Im displaying several process variables. When change of variable to display in ther chart, the data of the previous variable is in the chart. i want to delete all them. How i do it?. i hope that you can help me.

11. Acessing the time stamp for individual item in timeseries

Actually what I want to do is as follows. I want to update the data (at past time) in the timeseries with the difference between value at current and past time. I have created 4 time series 1 Total required demand at specific time 2 Total satisfied demand at specific time 3 Carried demand (unsatisfied) at specific time. All bove time ...

13. chagning color of an Item of a series

Hi Everyone, I have a graph which is drawn in red, but if something happens I'd like to change the color of an item, but I am able only to change the color of the graph. Can you have multiple colors on one single series? If Yes how do you modify the color of an element given it's X value? Thanks, ...

14. Replace items in a TimeSeries

I have a TimeSeriesCollection of 100 items that are all null. How can I go in and replace just some specific items, say items 11 and 42? Right now I've tried several methods that didn't work: - series.addOrReplace(RegularTimePeriod period, double value) seems to just adds and never replaces, so I end up with 102 items instead of just 100 items (if ...

15. Hide series but not legend item

16. How To Set Series Item Fill