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2. make series invisible

public actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { Object src = e.getSource(); if(src == showSeries1CheckBox) { if(showSeries1CheckBox.isSelected()) { plot.setDataset(XY_SERIES_1,dataset[XY_SERIES_1]); } else { plot.setDataset(XY_SERIES_1,null); } return; }

3. Make series invisible

4. How to use auto range without invisible series?

Moin, moin! I would like to do the following: I have a TimeSeriesChart with several series. The user is able to set the setSeriesVisible() flag for each of them. Now I would like, that if the user selects the 'Auto Range' from the popup menu, only the visible series are taken into account. Does anyone knows how to do this? torkus ...

6. Make a TimeSeries invisible, then visible again

Hello! I'm new to JFreeChart, so sorry about my noobish questions. Well, here goes: I have a TimeSeries object, that I want to make invisible (so it won't appear on the chart), and when I click a button to make it visible again. During the time the TimeSeries is invisible, I still want data to be added to it, so when ...