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1. Display series labels

I have a bar chart that has one category with multiple series. 1. Is there a way to display the series label under each bar in the domain axis? 2. Is there a way to change the series label from being the same as the series key that I specified in the dataset addValue method? Thanks!

2. Labels on timeseries chart

3. Name of series in XY labels

I have a XY chart and I want to put a label next to the each point, but I want this label to be the name of the series and not the X or Y value. I tried to use: renderer.setItemLabelGenerator(new StandardXYItemLabelGenerator()); renderer.setItemLabelsVisible(true); but it only shows values, not the name of the series. Any idea? Thank you in advance.

4. display labels for series?

I would like labels above each value, just like the StandardCategoryItemLabelGenerator does, but displaying the series title and not the value. I'm using these extra series as flags. For example, when the value is greater than x, it would be flagged with a "Flag X", and if the value is greater than y, a "Flag Y", etc. And these flags would ...

5. JFreeChart Series Labels - too big

I am using JFreeChart to generate charts and send them to small devices i always get the labels shown on the chart cut by tje size (200x200) or even smaller. Is there a way to tell JFreeChart what the chart to labels ratio size should be (what i would like it to be).Any code snipetts?? Regards, Mariusz

6. One label for one series

hi, i'm a new. i have a xydataset, an xyitemrenderer and a xyseriescollection on a linechart. i try to put item labels at each graph to spare the legend. so i don't want to have a label on each item with its value, but one label at the end of each graph with its name, which would normally appear in the ...

7. Custom labels for series in a chart

Hi, I have a chart that has 3 series on it (coloured differently) and I want to label the series (each series has a number of bar values) with custom labels (I'm using the XYBarRenderer). Is there a way for me to label each value in a series and make them visible/invisible when I make the series visible/invisible? Thanks. Desmond

8. series label

9. Labels of Series

Hi, I am working on a chart, where the data is stored in DefaultIntervalCategoryDataset in the forms of 3 categories and 12 series. Afterwards a bar chart is drawn, with the names of the categories on the x-axis and the series names in the legend. Is there a way the names of the series could be written underneath each bar, just ...

11. How to label right side of TimeSeries diagram?

Hi, Is there a way to label the right and left sides of a TimeSeriesChart with the same range labels? eg. I'm tracking temperature over time of several probes. I'd like to label the left and right edge Y-Axis's with the same temp labels. As the graph grows from left to right, the latest values are more easily discernible if the ...

12. Series labels truncated

Hi, I am making graphs for display on the web. Some series labels are so long as to be truncated, see image below [1]. Is there a way to make these visable, perhaps by allocating more space to the series labels? I tried putting in a line break, but that just causes truncation even with short strings. Any help apperitiated, [1] ...

14. TimeSeries Label

Hi, I'm using jfreechart 1.0.13 and my problem is that I don't understand how to add a label for a complete TimeSeries. In my java program I've a TimeSeriesCollection with several TimeSeries. I'd like to add a label to each TimeSeries. Does anyone know how to do this ? Thanks, Regards, Preludz

15. label to xyinterval series