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1. Loop through a series points in JFreechart    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to loop through a the points belonging to a series in JFreechart? Thanks

2. TimeSeries chart (how to change 1 point)?    jfree.org

Hi, I have a TimeSeries chart that currently displays dates (X) and values (Y). I need to click a point, and shift that single point up or down (i.e. change the Y value of that point in the dataset). I can click the chart and access crosshair values. I'm doing this by trapping the ChartProgressEvent: double x = plot.getDomainCrosshairValue(); double y ...

3. extra data point in the second series    jfree.org

Hi, I'm adding two XYSeries objects to an XUSeriesCollection, and plotting it on the XYPlot with the StandarXYItemRenderer. I tried creating the plot and the chart using the ChartFactory.createXYLineChart method as well as explicitly. The series that gets added second always has a spurious data point at the origin and the connect line to the first real data point. I tried ...

4. Displaying the co-ordinates for the points on XY Line series    jfree.org

I am using the following code to display the labels XYItemLabelGenerator generator = new StandardXYItemLabelGenerator("{1}", new DecimalFormat("0.00"), new DecimalFormat("0.00") ); renderer.setItemLabelGenerator(generator); renderer.setItemLabelsVisible(true); However using the above code you can display either the 'x' or the 'y' co-ordinate of the point. But I want to display both the 'x' and 'y' co-ordinate. Is there a way to achieve it? Thanks, Scarlett

5. how to remove the bold data points in Timeseries chart    jfree.org

Hi I am using final JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createTimeSeriesChart() to create a time series chart . My graph size is small and the plot is for a wide timeframe . Pelase help me to remove the thick dots which is plotted in the draph for each data points . This points ar cluttered in the graph whihc is not looking smooth ...

6. timeseries data point value    jfree.org

8. Last data point not displayed in TimeSeries Chart    jfree.org

My code pulls data from the DB for a pre-defined time period and creates a timeseries chart. A bunch of timeseries charts are then added to the timeseriescollection. For some reason the data point for the last time stamp is not displayed in the chart. I added debug statements to print out what is being added, and the last data point ...

9. time series chart does not touch zero point    jfree.org

Hi, I am using time series charts in iReports to display time in X-axis , count of rows in Y-axis and Series expression to show in various colors. The issue i am facing is that, if i query the database for 3 days time period and it returns quite a number of rows as follows: Day 1 -- 3 rows Day ...

10. Time series shart with single data point    jfree.org

Hello! Occasionally my time series chart has to display graph with single data point. In this case value label is incorrect: 0-x point is labeled "23:59:59.999" and my data point is labeled "00:00:00.000". I need that value label to show regular date rather than time. How can I do it? Thank you.

11. How to create a series with different colors at data points?    jfree.org

Hi, I am new to JfreeChart. I am trying to create a timeseries chart. I could create the timeseries chart with the dataset I have, but if a data point in that dataset crosses a threshold I want to mark that data point with some symbol/color. Is this possible? If possible, can someone help me? Or atleast I need to display ...

12. Dragging a complete series and point of series.    jfree.org

Dragging a complete series and point of series. by vimal Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:22 pm Hi All, I am using JFreeChart in my application to implement data editing using chart in an interactive way. I am very thankful to David Gilbert for providing such a reach charting API and JFreeChart forum phpBB2 for supporting during development. I have implemented ...

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