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2. display tooltips on multiple datapoints at the same time    jfree.org

I have a regular XYPlot: when the mouse is over a data point, a tooltip box is shown for this data point. Is there a way to get the following effect: when the mouse is over a data point, multiple tooltip boxes will be generated, including the one for the current data point, and those for its adjacent data points? Thanks, ...

3. Tool tip display time    jfree.org

5. Can I set the [showing up time] for ToolTip a little longer?    jfree.org

Hello, I tried to google with no luck on this one and also could find any details in apidoc. My question is -- The ToolTip shows up only for 5 seconds when mouse over on the spot. Is there anyway to set a [showing up time] for the tooltip a little longer? eg. 30 seconds? Thank you, Ringo