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1. TransientObjectException while saving the details to the database

"Table 1" can have multiple instances of "Table 2". "Table 2" is one to one mapped with "Table A". But the instance for "Table A" is created by "Table B". "Table ...

2. How to create join table with JPA annotations?

I need to create a join table in my database ussing JPA annotations so the result will be this: enter image description here So far i just implemented 2 entities:

@Table(name="USERS", schema="ADMIN")
public ...

3. JPA annotation for SYS.XMLTYPE in DB

4. JPA annotation for SYS.XMLTYPE in DB

5. Annotations multiple Entrys on DB while merging

@Entity public class DialTime { ...(some payload) private Long id; @Id@GeneratedValue public Long getId() { return id; } private void setId(Long id) { = id; }

6. Database Object with annotations

Hello! I'm trying to mapping a database object with annotations. I know this is possible with xml schema. like: (page 77 on hibernate-reference) CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE my_proc... DROP PROCEDURE my_proc A trigger is the example illustrated in documentation. I don't want to manipulate primary keys. The question is. Can I do it using annotations? Thanks for help! ...