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1. Problem with Hibernate Annotations - id is not set correctly

I have a whole bunch of Java beans annotated like this with JPA: import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.GeneratedValue; import javax.persistence.GenerationType; import javax.persistence.Id;

public class TitleEntry extends Entry 
    private Long id;


2. hibernate @JoinColumnsOrFormulas annotation with @id

I have entity with 2 id and one has annotation @JoinColumnsOrFormulas

@ManyToOne(optional = false, fetch = FetchType.LAZY)
        @JoinColumnOrFormula( column=@JoinColumn(name="RE",  referencedColumnName="ret")),

3. Hibernate Annotation limitation with two IDs(one per Configuration)

Hallo, I have to write a Hibernate application on a semi-standalone client with a postgresql database on it. If you want you may sync the database with the server site. Problem which occured is: Client one creates a new entity, client two creates a new entity of the same class. Both have the same ID when uploading to the server. My ...

4. Problems with annotaion Id

Hy people, i'm from Brazil and my english is not so good, but i'll try ask the better way. I'm using a hibernate Annotations to map my classes and i'm having problems with insert the classes that @Id is not Generator.AutoType. The hibernate doesn't make the insert and i dont no why? There is something that i have to do when ...

5. Issue in generation of keys using @Id annotation

I have been using @Id annotation for generation of primary keys. I am using my SQL as the database. its working fine with mysql if I write @Id(generate=generatorType.AUTO) but it is not working with Oracle database. what should change in the annotation to make it portable for oracle and mysql. It is studied that generatorType.AUTO is portable for any database vendor ...

6. natural id with annotations

I am using hibernate annotations and would like to use natural id. It seems there is currently no support for this, since the only thing I find when I try to google it is suggestions for adding support for it. Is there a workaround to solve this problem? Can I use hbm files for just the affected class, and annotations for ...

7. basic annotations question - location of @Id and @Table

Hi all, I am missing something bigtime... I just downloaded Annotations 3.2 and the Core 3.2. I'm trying to implement the basic example from the pdf doc: @Entity public class Flight implements Serializable { Long id; @Id public Long getId() { return id; } public void setId(Long id) { = id; } } I cannot locate @Id anywhere in the ...

8. Generating ID with GUIDGenerator with Hibernate Annotation

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