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i am working on a small application and I am trying to use Hibernate Annotations to map my entities. I wanted to test if everything is alright when i got this ...

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Hi I am using the latest version of hibernate hibernate-distribution-3.3.1 GA hibernate-annotations-3.4.0 GA hibernate-tools-3.2.2 Beta 1 I have annotated java entity files that i have mapped in my hibernate.cfg.xml as follows.. java:comp/env/jdbc/Test org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect true thread create-drop true

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Hello! I'm using Hibernate 3.0. Does anybody know, is it possible to use @IndexColumn and @CollectionId annotations togehter? When i try to do this, i get the following exception : org.hibernate.AnnotationException: List do not support @CollectionId and @IndexColumn at the same time. I have tried not only List, but Collection, Set, etc. - nothing works. Thank you!