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1. Using Different Hibernate User Types in Different Situations    stackoverflow.com

I am using Hibernate + JPA as my ORM solution. I am using HSQL for unit testing and PostgreSQL as the real database. I want to be able to use Postgres's native

2. Specify initial value of HSQLDB identity via annotation    stackoverflow.com

Can I specify the initial value for an IDENTITY column using Hibernate/JPA annotations on top of an HSQLDB database? The relevant source code looks like this so far:

public Long getId() ...

3. Hibernate Annotations + HSQLDB    forum.hibernate.org

Hi people! We need to use @SQLUpdate (Hibernate Annotations) for update a field with HSQLDB (in components test). The integration is with Oracle database. The annotation is @SQLUpdate(sql="UPDATE SRS_SOLICITUDES SET fec_recarga = ?). This works ok. Firstly, when we change "?" by "sysdate": @SQLUpdate(sql="UPDATE SRS_SOLICITUDES SET fec_recarga = SYSDATE). This statament fails in HSQLDB. Secondly, we try with "today": @SQLUpdate(sql="UPDATE ...