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I am looking for a solution to save a XML-File in a database using Hibernate. The problem is, that the structure of the XML-file is different to the Hibernate-beans. I'm trying to use ...

2. Can I put annotations for multiple processors into a Java class?    stackoverflow.com

I'm not really sure how annotations actually work. I'm using JAXB and JPA (with eclipselink) on the same classes, i. e. I get class definitions like this:

@XmlType(name = "Channel")
public class Channel ...

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I have a Java enterprise application that provides a web service, has a domain layer, and a hibernate persistence layer. In this particular case, there is not a huge difference ...

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Hello and excuse my english! Suppose I have this entity with this namedquery that select the name column with the jaxb annotations.

        @NamedQuery(name = "Person.selectAll", ...

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I have been stacked in this place for few days. any help will be appreciated. Here is my story: I have a JPA entity class (ExtOffer), and Now I annotate it with JAXB ...