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1. Ant task for generating ER diagram from JPA/Hibernate annotated classes    stackoverflow.com

Does anyone know of a tool that can do that? Linguine maps seems to only work on old hibernate xml files. And the hibernate tool task hbm2hbmxml seems to have ...

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I'm working on a hibernate entity mapping for a database view; when I do a criteria query against it, hibernate is generating bad SQL. Any help figuring out what the problem ...

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Anyone know a tool for generating Java class with JPA annotations from an SQL script? Batch process would be a plus since I have a large amount of sql objects.

4. How to specify SQL comments through JPA annotations?    stackoverflow.com

Is there any way to specify SQL comments through JPA annotations? Comments for tables and columns.

5. SQL Join with annotations    forum.hibernate.org

I have 2 Classes "Personas" and "Empleado" The ID of the class Empleado has a composite id formed by (nip,year,tipo): Code: @Entity @Table(name="per_empleados") public class Empleado implements java.io.Serializable { // Composite ID @Id @Column(name="nip") private Long nip; @Id ...