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1. delete hibernate entity without (attempting to) delete association table (view) entry    stackoverflow.com

Entity A and B have a many to many relationship using link table AtoB. If Entity A is deleted, the related links are deleted by hibernate. So far so good. My problem is ...

2. what does the Set type in a Entry    stackoverflow.com

I have two tables in db,and one owns a foreign key from another,the fllowing is the schema: //table featureInfo

-- ----------------------------
-- Table structure for featureinfo
-- ----------------------------
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `featureinfo`;
CREATE TABLE `featureinfo` ...

3. HQL to get latest entry of a multiple association    forum.hibernate.org

Hello, I have a question concerning HQL. In my model I have: - a Sale entity which has n SaleHistoryEntries. - each SaleHistoryEntry is associated to a status and has a date. - a Status has a code name (TREATED, IN_TRANSIT, COMPLETED, CANCELED, etc.) For example: Code: Sale A => SaleHistoryEntry (2008-01-01) => TREATED ...