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1. Java object graph -> xml when direction of object association needs to be reversed

A java application I am working on has objects with a relationship similar to below. In the real application both objects are JPA entities.

class Underlying{}

class Thing
  private Underlying underlying;


2. Understanding JBossCache - Caching an object graph with many associations

I'm trying to use JBossCache as a JPA/Hibernate 2nd level cache provider to cache repeatedly called queries. The queries return entities of a specific type, lets call it FooType. FooType looks like ...

3. question on association graph

I have a category. A category can have other children category, and a parent category. This is the mapping file:

4. Help Object graph with cascade and non-cascade association

Hi Folk, I have really big object graph in which I have many levels of associations. deepest level are cascade="all-delete-Orphan" the level below my root object are cascade="none" I manually Create Update Delete using persistence managers for cascade="none" objects I am assuming hibernate take care of Create Update Delete opertions for cascade="all-delete-orphans" I assign FKs for all object. Its work fine ...