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1. hibernate insert batch with postgresql

is there a solution for batch insert via hibernate in partitioned postgresql table? currently i'm getting an error like this... 57286 [pool-1-thread-18] ERROR org.hibernate.jdbc.AbstractBatcher - Exception executing batch: org.hibernate.StaleStateException: Batch update returned ...

2. Hibernate batching operation not working as expected

I have a Person class with the following fields-

id, hashedId, description
id is the primary key generated by a sequence and hashedId is Not Null. I do the following:

3. batch Update using postgreSQL.....

Hi, Just to let those of you who are using a Hibernte/postgreSQL combination and have been having BatchUpdate problems unless you specify 0 in your or hibernate.cfg.xml files know, that this issue has now been resolved with the latest JDBC driver (pg74.1jdbc3.jar) for postgreSQL verion 7.4.1. So it is now possibe to do BatchUpdates!