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2. EntityPersister dynamic update invalidates cache - why?    forum.hibernate.org

The EntityPersister is invalidating the secondary cache when doing an update with dynamic update set to true. It is in the following method: public boolean isCacheInvalidationRequired() { return hasFormulaProperties || ( !isVersioned() && useDynamicUpdate() ); } Is there any reason why dynamic updates must invalidate the Cache? Or can I implement my own persister that doesn't do this? Pete.

4. Help configuring cache dynamically    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, I use Hibernate 3.1.3. I have a common code base for a schema most apps use. It's slapped in a JAR. So I don't use any hibernate.cfg.xml file. I'm trying to get second level caching to work. I'm following this tutorial http://www.devx.com/dbzone/Article/29685/ I've put the statement in some of my .hbm.xml files. Now I need some help. Here's how ...