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1. Regarding SessionFactory Cache

3. SessionFactory level cache

4. How use the SessionFactory Level cache

Hi all, I am new in Hibernate and I want developed a Web application with Struts abd Hibernate. I would like to used the SessionFactory level cache. I put the tag in my mapping files and the cache.ccf in my CLASSPATH. see my cache.ccf cs.default=DC jcs.default.cacheattributes=org.apache.jcs.engine.CompositeCacheAttributes jcs.default.cacheattributes.MaxObjects=10000 jcs.default.cacheattributes.MemoryCacheName=org.apache.jcs.engine.memory.lru.LRUMemoryCache jcs.default.elementattributes=org.apache.jcs.engine.ElementAttributes jcs.default.elementattributes.IsEternal=false jcs.default.elementattributes.MaxLifeSeconds=3600 jcs.default.elementattributes.IdleTime=1800 jcs.default.elementattributes.IsSpool=true jcs.default.elementattributes.IsRemote=false jcs.default.elementattributes.IsLateral=false # System CACHE REGION jcs.system.groupIdCache=DC ...

5. Using the second level cache with multiple SessionFactories

I am posting this to determine if I am incorrectly using Hibernate or if I have come across a potential bug. I have fairly good sized object graph (around 30-40 classes when it's all loaded) and in order to be able to quickly display search results without having to create new objects, I created a second SessionFactory that only maps about ...

6. Multiple (configurable) SessionFactories and EHCache

My application deploys on customer hardware and connects to three different databases. One of the databases can be version 4 or version 5, I get around this by building a jar containing the hibernate-config.xml file for that database and the mapping and class files for version 4 and another jar for version 5. The install program chooses which jar to deploy. ...

7. about SessionFactory Level Cache

8. Multiple SessionFactory cache problem

Hi, I need some light on this issue: I'm using Hibernate 3.0.5 with two SessionFactory to connect to two different database. Every sessionFactory uses a different hibernate configuration file. The databases has exactly the same structure but different data. Since the tables I need are exactly the same, I'm using the same mapping documents. The getter method for the object I ...

9. Session Cache vs SessionFactory Cache

10. One second level cache for all SessionFactories?

I just have a general question which I can't seem to find documentation for. If you have multiple SessionFactories within an application (because you are connecting to multiple databases), is the entire second level cache cleared when any of the SessionFactories are closed? It appears to be working that way in my application, and I just wanted to know if that ...

11. How to keep cache after rebuilt SessionFactory

you can't. an alternative would be to make a copy of the cache... or maybe a staging table that you can write to just before you rebuild your session factory. then at least you have a snapshot of that data can I ask why you are rebuilding the SessionFactory during runtime? cheers, pali

12. Second level cache and sessionFactory?

Hello, I'm wondering about second level cache: I'm trying to activate it and to see the performance after execution with cache. I think that a first level cache is associated to a session, and the second one is associated to the session Factory... So, i have done necessary configurations in order to activate the second level cache, and i think it's ...

13. Cache With Multiple SessionFactory

Hi In my application there are multiple databases. I have configured eh-cache with hibernate. but my problem is how to distinguish cache for different session factory. I have added {appId} but problem is that it will only create different cache regions. so how my application will identify that which region belongs to which sessionFactory? plz reply