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1. direct access to ehcache and only use hibernate on a cache miss

Env: Seam 2.2.0, JPA, Hibernate 3.3.x, ehcache-core 2.0.1 Here are some observations on using a cache along with Hibernate. We are already using the 2nd level cache but not quite ...

2. Access to Hibernate L2 Cache

Hello there! This may sound a bit ackward, but I believe we have some reasons why to ask it :) Is it possible to access the CacheManager created by Hibernate when using Hibernate L2 and EhCache integration? We have 2 reasons for that: 1st - we would like to subscribe to some events on that cache. I know I could do ...

3. Hibernate 3.5.x - region cache access types missing

I have been trying to replace our second level cache interface to use infinispan as second-level cache with hibernate. I followed See: org.hibernate.cache.infinispan.entity But lamentably, my code fails since only read-only and transactional access types for entity and collections have been implemented. Is there any plan to support nonstrict-read-write and read-write? If so, when? Any alternative?

4. Cache access

5. Second level cache access

I am working with a legacy database and had problems searching for an object. When user enters code say "250" to search for an object database might store this id in several ways: "0000250" or "250 ". It depends what other legacy application was used to enter the data. So I needed a way to find out if object already loaded ...