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1. about hibernate caching and criteria

I am new to hibernate .My doubt is how to use hibernate caching in hibernate criteria?Generally hibernate caching is used when ever we want to persist the data or update the data or read the data.if i want to read the data with criteria how can i mention to my criteria to fetch the data from cache?

2. Second-level cache based on Criteria?

Based on the documentation it seems one can only configure the second level cache to cache every instance of a class. Meaning the configuration is only at the class level. Is it possible to specify that an entity be cached only if it matches some Criteria? My use case is along the lines of having lots of incoming data, with each ...

3. L2 caching possible with Criteria API?

hi all- i'm developing the service behind a UI-driven application and opted to use Hibernate as the data access framework to take advantage of the benefits provided by the Criteria API. i essentially have a chain of classes dedicated to handling each possible user input field from the UI, and a DetachedCriteria instance is passed along that chain to be built ...

4. Criteria Objects, Cache and Proxys

5. Criteria caching problem

6. hibernate criteria cached ?

Criteria crit = sess.createCriteria(TableObj.class,"table_name") .add("id", "%"+keyword+"%") ) .addOrder(bSortOrder ? Order.asc(sortColumnId): Order.desc(sortColumnId)) .setFirstResult(nFirst) .setMaxResults(nPageSize); Is this statement cached by default? after first time i executed it and followed by update of a field in the table and re-execute this statement again. It's still displaying my old record. Is c3p0 pooling cache this?

7. Criteria API and the second-level cache

I've come to the same conclusion myself - the criteria API never hits the second level query cache By using true, I can see whether a cache hit occurs. Repeated calls of this code hit the query_cache String queryString = "select s1 from PeriodNomination as s1 where s1.fieldGroupName = ? and s1.nominationDate = ? and s1.nominationHour = ? order by ...

8. why is my cache faster the hibernate's cache on criteria?

Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: ... AskForHelp Hibernate version: 2.1.7c final AbstractCacheCommand c= new AbstractCacheCommand(session,CacheUtils.getTaskDefCache()){ protected CachebleBo getNewObject(Serializable[] key) throws ApplicationException { try { final Example example = Example.create(bo); final Criteria createCriteria = createCriteria(TaskDefBo.class); final Criteria add = createCriteria.add(example); add.setCacheable(true); add.setCacheRegion(TaskDefBo.class.getName()); CachebleList cachebleList=new CachebleList(add.list()); return cachebleList; } catch (HibernateException e) { throw new ApplicationException("Error getting TaskDefBo by filter ...