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I'm having an issue with Hibernate Cache as it relates to collections. I have an entity, which is cached. The entity has a collection, and the collection is also cached. The entity on the other side of the collection, likewise, is cached. The issue arises when I try to add an object to the collection. I make sure to add the ...

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Hello, I'm using Hibernate 2.1.7 with OSCache as Second-Level cache. In the hibernate.properties I setup hibernate.show_sql true. I'm trying to simulate simple scenario where the object first of all gets loaded into JVM then it gets evicted from the session cache and then loaded once again. So in terms of JAVA it looks like: bsh % net.sf.hibernate.Session s = HibernateUtil.getSession(); bsh ...

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dennisbyrne wrote: I believe you want to use Session.clear() No, I really want to evict entries from the second-level cache to force Hibernate to pick up changes made by direct writes to the database. For me it is no problem to evict all classes, as I have enumeration of all classes in the runtime. But I don't understand the warning in ...

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