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1. understanding hibernate first level cache
1st leve cache is only bounded in session open and close and for 2nd subsequent session open, getList() will get from DB instead of cache?

2. newbie hibernate first level cache confusion

Hi all I'm just geting to grips with hibernate. Little bit confused. I just wanted to watch the operation of the first level cache, which I understood to batch up queries until the ...

3. Hibernate first level caching

I want to know how load and get works with first level caching ? If I have a select query with in the same session with first retriving using getmethod and then ...

4. Where is the code for first cache level in Hibernate

Hello, I read about this level of caching in Hibernate. It's said that whenever I pass an object to save(), update() or saveOrUpdate(), that object will be added to session cache. But when investigating the SessionImpl class of Hibernate, I followed to this chain: DefaultSaveOrUpdateEventListener : performSaveOrUpdate => entityIsTransient => saveWithGeneratedOrRequestedId AbstractSaveEventListener : saveWithGeneratedId => performSave => performSaveOrReplicate EntityIdentityInsertAction : execute ...

5. Iterate First Level Cache?

6. Content of the First Level Cache

Hi, Is there a way to see what is inside the first level cache in hibernate? Or if I am debugging the code, which attribute of the hibernate is the first level cache. I think knowing what is inside the first level cache can help me understand how the cache in hibernate works better. Thank you. sam

7. first-level caching

8. First Level Cache

Hi !! If I do this: Session s = getSession(); Country c1 = s.load(Country.class, new Integer(1)); Country c2 = s.load(Country.class, new Integer(1)); c1 and c2 will be the same instance (c1 == c2, I supose session is getting the instance from it's first-level cache). Is there a way to get different instances ? Thanks !

9. Quesiton on first level cache.

Hibernate version: 3.0 Mapping documents: NA Code between sessionFactory.openSession() and session.close(): NA Full stack trace of any exception that occurs: NA Name and version of the database you are using: NA The generated SQL (show_sql=true): NA Debug level Hibernate log excerpt: NA I have 2 entity objects A and B; A contains a foriegn key back to B so... class B ...

10. How does Hibernate First-Level cache work?

Hi, I have a question about the first level cache (Hibernate Session). Scenario: I have 2 tranactional methods usin CMT and Hibernate Session is made to use the CMT Transaction context. Both methods update the same hibernate object and do so like this. method(PersonDTO personDTO, int strategyType) where "method" is method1 and method2 and are logically doing the same thing (i.e. ...

11. First Level Cache - does it need to be turned on?

pgrillo wrote: The question is sort of 2 part. 1) Does hibernate not cache objects on read within a session? yes it does. But depending on your "lazy flag" initialization does it depend on whether the objects contain data or not. If Lazy is on and you are accessing a collection for the first time from loading the parent (ie parent.children) ...

12. Problem with Hbernate first level cache

Hi all, I've just had it with hibernate. I'm new to the tool but I'm faced with a problem that I thought was simple. I'm adding new users to the database in one application (web application) and just can't seem to see the newly added users in another application (james mail application). Obviously there seems to be some caching mechanism (according ...