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1. How can I disable Hibernate-cache logs?    stackoverflow.com

My Grails app log is being flooded with thousands of messages like:

2010-05-21 18:54:08,261 [30462143@qtp-19943008-38] DEBUG hibernate.EhCache  - key: ga_event value: 5220206380077056
This is my log4j config:
// log4j configuration
log4j = {

2. log4j print hibenate cache messages    forum.hibernate.org

Hey, I am using hibernate 3.1 I am using in log4j for kettle (Open source for ETL). I dont want that hibernate will write any logs, so i create a log4j.properties file and set all hibernate appenders(include cache and resource pool) to be off , but in some cases there are hibernate log messages in my log. Code: 2006/11/09 19:05:52 - ...