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1. Ehcache, Hibernate, updating cache of very large table when a new entry is added?

I'm new to Ehcache and am searching on how to do this but now quite sure if this is a normal use case. I am working on an application that isn't ...

2. Clear cache on a particular table

3. Cached EntityNotFoundException if db row removed from table

Newbie Joined: Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:54 pm Posts: 1 Wondering if any one has any suggestions on this when i reload the page on my website i have a routine that calls a named query on one of my entities @NamedQueries({ @NamedQuery(name = CatchUpBlockCMS.CATCHUP_BLOCK_BY_PAGEID, query = "from CatchUpBlockCMS catchUpBlock where catchUpBlock.pageId = :pageId", cacheable = true, readOnly = true, cacheRegion ...

5. cache usage for referential tables

6. My table reloads from cache

If I refresh my jsp, and change some values in the database. I still get the old values from my query. I guess it's taking if from the cache. In the properties file I set hibernate.cache.use_query_cache false but I still don't get synced tables. when I connect I use this:: (if I take out 1-8 it works though) What should i ...

7.  with an immutable table : cached?

10. Creating Cached Table with Hibernate2.1.7

11. Creating cached table on HSQL w/ hibernate

Hi I wonder how to create a cached table w/ hibernate Hibernate usually generates the following for table creation: CREATE TABLE EVENTS(UID BIGINT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,DATE TIMESTAMP,EVENTTITLE VARCHAR(255)) but then the syntax for creating cached table on HSQL should've been: CREATE CACHED TABLE EVENTS(UID BIGINT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,DATE TIMESTAMP,EVENTTITLE VARCHAR(255)) The problem I have: As you can see, there ...

12. hibernate cache whole table ?

Paul: i did as you advised, but hibernate is still doing selects, well, by doing query.iterate and then it hits the cache but in core query.iterate it's still doing "select id from table", and caching query by name doesn't work at all. I don't wan't ANY access to the database on those tables except for the first time. baliukas: as ...

13. HSQLDB-Creating cached tables using Hibernate

14. Second level cache and wide tables

Hibernate version: 3.0.5 Mapping documents: Code: RH_GENERIC_SEQ

15. Hibernate, Hypersonic and cached tables

Hey all, Using Hibernate with Hypersonic DB and annotated beans. All inserts, gets, deletes, etc. are working great. However ... By default Hypersonic uses memory tables, and I would like to use cached tables instead. Is there an easy means to set the necessary property through Hibernate that anyone is aware of? Thanks much for any assistance.

16. Multiple caching strategies on the same class/table?

On the website, there will 2 sets of users: admins and users. Admins access the database tables and modify them, while users access the same tables but only read them. The performance for the "users" is the most critical, therefore we are trying to set caching strategy to "read" for the "users". However since "admins" need to update the tables, we ...