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We have recently upgraded to 2.1.1 and have noticed that Cacheing is now on by default. How do we turn this off? We need to turn this off so we can audit users loading an object using an interceptor - with Cacheing on we miss some - as the interceptor is not called when the cache is used. Thanks Ben

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Hibernate version: 3 Hi Im using Tomcat 5.5, Spring framework, Acegi security, Hibernate 3 I have a problem with my webapp. It runs out of memory (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError). I read up on it and tried different ways of fixing it. Then I profiled the application and I see that my memory is full of String objects that does not go away. Below ...

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I want to use hibernate in a swing application without a server component beside the database. So I need to turn off the caching mechanism complete in order to get always the newest data from the database. I tried to turn off by setting the hibernate configuration parameters: false false Unfortunately this doesn't work, because if I test I ...

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Requirement: obtain the latest entity data Complication: In our application, the database row data can be directly updated via SQL statements(as opposed to being updated by the Hibernate ORM) Issue: 1. I execute an infinite loop that i.starts a session via the session factory ii. query for and retrieves a particular object and dumps its data iii. closes the session 2. ...