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1. How to implicitly join across collections in Hibernate?

The object structure is like below-

Entity A
  - Collection <B>

Entity B
  - Collection <C>

Entity C
  -Collection <D>

Entity D

Class CompositePrimaryKey
  String id;
In the HQL, the query ...

2. how to use left outer join in hibernate to return collection of object

This is my sql quey with left join:

select a.clientid,a.companyname,,b.emp_id from bw_clientdetails a 
left join bw_client_allocation b on a.clientid=b.client_id;
How to represent above query using hibernate so that i can use the resulting ...

3. definign a collection inside join in sub-class

4. outer join and collections of collections.

Hi all, I have an object model where a workorder has a set of replicates. Each replicate has a set of reactions. Using 2.1.1 and outer join=true, max_fetch_depth 3, when I load a workorder up by it's primary key, it then lazy loads the replicates in one query. However, since I always need the reactions for the each replicate, I want ...

5. One-To-Many-Collections with joined-sublcass

Hi all, I have the following problem: I have a class called Project that has a collection (set) called financeRealTransactions in a one-to-many relation. The referenced class ist FinanceReal and is a joined-subclass of AbstractTransaction. The problem seems to be the the key column that is used in the collection is part of AbstractTransaction and not FinanceReal. Every time I try ...

7. Outer Join only used for first collection?

Author Message forlin Post subject: Outer Join only used for first collection? Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2004 4:37 am Newbie Joined: Thu Jun 17, 2004 1:15 am Posts: 7 Hibernate Version 2.1 Using Spring Framework Integration / Oracle 8i Hi, I am experiencing a problem whereby only the first out of two sets is included in the main query, ...

9. On join, one-to-many collection not populated

Hello I must have changed something and now I'm not sure why my joins are not working. As an example if I execute the named query as it is down below I get a result of 935 services. But there are only 120 of them, for a certain time range there are 935 abos. So instead of the services and the ...

10. Why the join type of sub-criteria affects lazy collections?

I have News class that has the many-to-many relationship with Category class, i.e. a news belongs to one on more categories. I need to find all the news that belong to the specified category and then show on the page news description and all its categories. Hibernate version: 3.1.3 The category class and its mapping are described in my post at ...

11. 3.2.6 breaks implicit join for collections...

Tried to report it: ... e/HHH-3168 Rejected as RTFM... Here is the code to reproduce, in 3.2.5 it works as expected... import java.util.Set; import java.util.HashSet; import java.util.List; import javax.persistence.Id; import javax.persistence.OneToMany; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.NamedQueries; import javax.persistence.NamedQuery; import javax.persistence.Query; @Entity @NamedQueries(value = { @NamedQuery( name = "", query = "select c from Cat c inner join c.kittens as kitten with ...