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1. Using PathExpressions on unindexed collections 3.6.Final    forum.hibernate.org

Hello, Using Hibernate 3.6.0.Final. I'm trying to use a query like: SELECT p FROM Person p WHERE :1 MEMBER OF p.address.city.residents Where address.city.houses would be a OneToMany association to all the Person instances who live in that city. I tried using Collections, Sets and Lists without an index column (since I don't really need the collection's terms ordered), and got the ...

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when i try to access a set containing child objects i get an error, i'm probably doing something stupid can anyone help. using the hql SELECT lic.licNo, lic.customer.ref, lic.customer.custContacts FROM Licence lic WHERE lic.licNo IN (:licNo0_, :licNo1_, :licNo2_) Hibernate version: 2.1 Hibernate mapping:

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Order o = new Order(); o.setCode(5); Example example = Example.create(o); Session session = HibernateUtil.beginTransaction(); Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Order.class); criteria.add(example); List results = criteria.list(); HibernateUtil.commitTransaction(); for ...