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1. NHibernate automatically rename the column name in C#    stackoverflow.com

I couldn't figure out why NHibernate is doing this. Here's part of my table in MS SQL

nameFamily text,
nameGiven text
Here's Person.hbm.xml
<hibernate-mapping xmlns="urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.2">

  <class name="Infosci.Dpd.Model.Person,Infosci.Dpd.Model" table="Person" lazy="true">

2. How to get dummy column in hq uery in nhibernate?    stackoverflow.com

How can i add a dummy column in HQL query.

SQL : select Actualcolumn, 1 from Table In NHibernate How can I do that, I googled for this but I ...

3. Hibernate, assigning multiple columns as primary key    stackoverflow.com

I am having below database schema.

item_id int(11) autoincrement not null
item_name varchar(22) not null
version_start_date datetime not null
version_end_date datetime
The primary key for above table is (item_id,version_start_date). The semantics of version_start_date and version_end_date is to ...

4. Getting NHibernate to save or update using column other than the     stackoverflow.com

How do I get NHibernate to save or update using column other than the <id>? I've implemented an identity key column in a table but this is not what makes ...

5. Why does using a column name directly in HQL only work sometimes?    stackoverflow.com

I have two HQL queries I am using for a quick-and-dirty unit test. The first looks somewhat like this:

from Foo where SOME_FOREIGN_KEY = 42
The second looks like this:
from Foo as foo

6. Get all Caterory values from a column    stackoverflow.com

NHibernate. I need get all the values from a column categories from a sql data base. I need put in a List, and return it. I have this:

    public IList<Movie> GetMovieCategories() ...

7. how does nhibernate handle update collisions behind the scenes with the ver column?    stackoverflow.com

I'm just looking for some documentation on how hibernate handles collisions using the ver column. understanding thus far: a change to a row means that the changed row is inserted with a ...