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1. @Basic(optional = false) vs @Column(nullable = false) in JPA

What's the difference between @Basic(optional = false) and @Column(nullable = false) in JPA persistence???

2. JPA: Which should I use? Basic(optional) or Column(nullable)?

For simple string field,

class Foo {

    //1. @Basic(optional = false)
    //2. @Column(length = 100, nullable = false)
    String name;
I need to restrict ...

3. @id and nullable unique in @column

Newbie Joined: Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:41 am Posts: 1 I was not able to get my Oracle tables created using a mash-up of spring hibernate annotations. here is how I had my primary key listed: @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.AUTO) @Column(name="ADDRESS_ID", unique=true, nullable=false, precision = 15, scale = 0) public int getAddressId() { return this.addressId; } The only error I was getting was ...

4. mixing nullable and non nullable columns in a property

As I have a problem Lords are a one-TION many. I have added to my property hibernate mapping insertable = false and updatable = false property, the table that makes a relationship of many composite pk has a foreign table references these fields, but particularly here is that my fields are not mandatory and the hibernate sql send me the database ...

5. AttributeOverride cant make a column nullable

Hibernate version: 3.2 I'm trying to use @MappedSuperclass for java inheritance (there's no polymorphism, just several classes each in their own table, but with common fields/code). I'm using annotations, and one of the fields (user) is not nullable in the superclass, because the majority of implementations don't want a null, but in one sub-class, it does want to allow null. The ...

6. @Column(nullable=true) Problem

Hi, i want to set null-constraints on several strings my problem is that when i pass a empty string (e.g. persisting an entity) this constraints does not fire. But i dont want to set every empty string to null by hand before i persist my entity so the constraints fires. are there any best practises or better workarrounds? btw im using ...

7. JPA Basic optional vs. column nullable

8. NaturalId with nullable column?

Newbie Joined: Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:38 pm Posts: 3 Hibernate version: 3.2.6 Database: HSQLDB 1.8 (for easy TDD - prod will be MySQL) I have a situation where I need to store a row where one of the null columns is required for the natural ID. The best example I can think of is something like: Code: CREATE TABLE Messages ...