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1. Hibernate updating a single column

I am confused as to the stance Hibernate takes when it determines which column information to persist. Some places I read online says it will only update dirty fields, some ...

2. Is there JPA annotation to join only a single forein column?


Class Students{
private Long profid;

@Formula (value  = (select from Prof p where = profid))
private getProfsName;

Class Profs {
private Long id;
private String name;
... (getters/setters)
Surely there must be something more direct ...

3. Updating single column using Hibernate

There is an element called "dynamic-update" that should be defined in your class definition in hibernate hbm files. By default its value will be false, it means that hibernate will generate update statement for all columns. If its value is true, then hibernate will generate update statement on run time and include only those colums whose values has been changed. You ...

4. Update single column using hibernate criteria

Hello, I need to update a single column in my table using criteria.(Where all other columns are already filled with values) If i try to update single column ,it gives me nullpointer exception for all other columns specified as not null. Can anyone tell me what can be the correct way to do this? Thanks in Advance Kashwini

5. Updating Single column of a table

Hi Below is my code to update a table: Code: @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") @Override public boolean updateData(Object objData) { if (objData instanceof SchoolProfile) { this.schoolProfile = (SchoolProfile) objData; Session session = HibernateUtil.geSessionFactory().openSession(); ...

6. BatchUpdate of a single column

Hi, How can I do batchUpdate of a single column. I have a huge table in which I want to update only one column something like: update tableA set columnA='X' where columnA = 'Y'. (i dont want to load each row , change the java object and persist it one by one) I tried writint native Sql Query but dint find ...

7. escaping single quotes in database columns

Hi all, My application uses the Sybase database, and to insert text with a single quote I've always escaped the quote by adding a second single quote. The second quote does NOT appear in the db, it's just an escape char so Sybase knows the first quote is part of the text and not part of the SQL statement. My problem ...

9. Parsing multiple keys from single column into a Set

I've tried searching for this with no avail. I probably just don't have the right terminology. I'm not sure of the approach to take on this so I'd appreciate some help stepping in the right direction. My task is this: In our database we have a table that is designed (which I can't change, and 'shouldn't' be changed for efficiencies sake) ...