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1. Grails limit database column size

In my Grails app I have a domain class that has a property

SearchPrivacy searchPrivacy = SearchPrivacy.PUBLIC
where SearchPrivacy is an enum
enum SearchPrivacy {
    PRIVATE('pr'), PUBLIC('pu');

    final ...

3. Altering column sizes in a Database

Hibernate version: 3.1 Name and version of the database you are using: Oracle 10g Hi, I need to know exactly how hibernate behaves in the following situation: Note that all interactions with the database are read-only. I have a column of size 30 correctly mapped in Hibernate. If the size is altered in the base but not in the mapping, will ...

4. Database column size using jasypt encryption

Hello everyone, I'm planning to use the jasypt library to encrypt sensible data in my application. Before using jasypt, I used to create the table structure according to the real data, for example: if I wanted to store the first name of a person, i created a varchar(50) assuming that a maximum of 50 characters was defined in the requierements. Now ...