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1. Can Hibernate Validator be used as component outside Hibernate?

I am trying to add validation for message payload (which are json). I am using Jackson Json processor for data binding, which works quite well for me, using ...

2. Component bean w/in java.util.Map w/property as key

Hello, I have a bean, MyBean, with a property, myMapProp that is represented in Java as a Map. (See code below.) The key to the map is one of the properties of the component (the code property). However, I have not been able to configure Hibernate without forcing me to have two columns with the same data in the table, one ...

3. initialize bean with components

Hi, Do a test case in Hibernate where you have the decribed situation. I do not think there will be a problem If you instantiate the Address inside the User default constructor . When you try to persist the user and the address you explicitly set the address on the user Regards,