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1. Support for class hierarchy as components?    forum.hibernate.org

Hello all, Hibernate is really cool, simple and elegant. I studied Chapter 6: Components (v2.0.2) and would like to know if subcomponents (similarly to class/subclass concept for mapping a class hierarchy) could be somehow supported? I have checked the Hibernate 2.0 DTD and it does not seem to support it. Am I right? The example from the Hibernate reference document shows ...

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Hi, I can't figure out how I would map the contained object (a component) that in turn has its own inheritance hierarchy. In the example below the Containee class is the abstract class and is contained inside of Container class. The Containee has two subclasses: ContaineeImplA and ContaineeImplB. The question is how would I tell Hibernate to instantiate/persists the correct subclass ...

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