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1. How to map a component with the Id in Hibernate?

I am trying to map my company's business objects (xml not annotation), which have the following general structure:

ObjectDetail        (main table)
    ObjectSummary ...

2. component property not found: id

#|2010-05-19T17:59:02.301-0600|INFO|glassfishv3.0|org.hibernate.cfg.annotations.EntityBinder|_ThreadID=30;_ThreadName=Thread-1;|Bind entity com.gaiam.gcsi.enti ties.order.OrderLineItem on table order_line_item|#] [#|2010-05-19T17:59:02.320-0600|SEVERE|glassfishv3.0||_ThreadID=30;_ThreadName=Thread-1;|Exception while invoking class org.glassfish.persistence.jpa.JPADeployer prepare method org.hibernate.MappingException: component property not found: id at org.hibernate.mapping.Component.getProperty( at org.hibernate.cfg.AnnotationBinder.fillComponent( at org.hibernate.cfg.AnnotationBinder.fillComponent( at org.hibernate.cfg.AnnotationBinder.bindComponent(

3. compoiste id and component

4. Component Ids

5. Component class as Composite id - should it be persitent???

A simple question which is related to my previous question: When you use a component class to wrap a composite-id in a table (see Reference 7.4)....must this component class be persisent or in other I have to write a mapping-file for it?? Because actually I do not want to have it to be persistent, but as you can read in ...

6. Component or Composite-Id ?

Hi, In the following example (Hibernate doc) public class Person { private java.util.Date birthday; private Name name; private String key; //..... } If I change the java object to the following // just for example public class ...

7. Components / Composite-Id + InExpression

Hi, It seems that the InExpression does not properly work with Component or Composite-Id 's I have following hbm.xml : Code:

8. Mapped component-id broken in 3.1.1, OK in 3.1 final


9. mapped or component composite-id

Hibernate version: 3.1 Mapping documents: Name ...

10. Components as composite ids

Hi, Is it possible to use more than one component as a composite Id. Composite id accepts an attribute that allows one component to be set as a composite id, but is it possible to set multiple components as one composite id? problem definition : my POJO consists of fields that are complex objects and each of these objects persists themselves ...

11. component class not found for composite-id class

I am working with a legacy database that uses composite keys. I created a composite identifier class, LotePrimaryKey, to use as the id for my Lote class. In LotePrimaryKey, I implement Serializable and override Equals and hashCode. My Lote.hbm.xml class (compiled as an embedded resource) is: