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1. ColdFusion9 and scripted components and hql syntax

How can this be rewritten using the new scripting syntax along with the hibernate query language in CF9?

<cfcomponent output="no">
<cffunction name="Login" output="no">
    <cfargument name="UsrName">
    <cfargument name="UsrPassword">


2. Syntax for querying into dynamic components?

Hello, I have designed an extensible object model which uses the mapping to map user defined extensible properties to object. Unfortunately, there is not much documentation on this. I have the mapping working, but now need to know what the correct HQL syntax is to query into these mapped properties. Is is something like dynamicComponent["propertyName"]? Does hibernate even allow querying ...

3. HQL Update Syntax For Components

We are running into a problem with a relatively simple use-case. Let's say that we have a class called Parent that defines a property called 'component' to reference a 'Component' class. It is mapped in hibernate using the '' element. How can one write an HQL batch update that will work against the properties contained in the component? I've tried the ...