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1. JPA composite primary key

I have the following classes in my JPA model (getters, setters, and irrelevant fields omitted):

@Entity @Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.TABLE_PER_CLASS)
public class Currency {

    private Integer ix;

@Entity ...

2. HibernateDao find cross composite primary keys

i have this entities:

public class UnitaOperativa implements Serializable {
    private UnitaOperativaPK pk;
    private String cod_societa_soa;
    private String intestazione_lunga;


public class UnitaOperativaPK implements Serializable ...

3. Composite primary key in hibernate cannot be create

I am trying to create these situation: User --------> User's rate about Author <------------ Author So I got class:

public class User implements UserDetails {


4. Hibernate - Multiple Primary Keys Composite-id Mapping problems

Hi All, I have 3 tables with multiple primary keys and trying to get composite-id to work. Here are the tables. Table: tb_hl7MSH (regular id) Primary key: reportID Table: tb_hl7PID (composite-id mapping) Primary Key: reportID, setIDPID Table: tb_hl7OBR (composite-id mapping) Primary Key: reportID, setIDPID, setIDOBR ...

5. Problem in Mapping Composite Primary Key with Hibernate

Hi Ranchers, I'm facing difficulty in mapping a composite key to my domain model, where one key is "assigned" (i-e assigned from the application code) and the other I want to designate as "increment" (the DB should auto assign). For example, Pls. consider the following code snippet: ...

6. Hibernate with composite primary keys

7. Adding data using hibernate for Composite primary keys

Hi guys, I am having trouble with adding data into the database using hibernate .I have got a table 'ln_user_group' which has 2 columns 'userid,groupname'. Both these fields act as a primary key The Hibernate mapping file is as follows

8. Hibernate Composite Primary Key

Hello All, Hope to get a bit of direction on coding a composite Primary Key. I have a db table that three columns form a primary key (client_id, media_id, status). This table maps to the following class: Code: @Entity @Table(name = "media_syndicated_partner") public class MediaSyndicatedPartner implements Serializable{ private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; ...

9. how to set one to many mapping for a composite primary key

Hi, I am newbie here. I have 3 tables - User, Address, UserAddresss. Tables User table strucutre userId integer (primary key) userFirstname char userLastName char Address table structure userAddressId integer (primary key) Street char city char zip char UserAddress table structure - composite key table userId integer (primary key) - references User table userAddressId integer (primary key) - references Address table ...

10. composite primary key where clause

HQL: Select distinct (sourceAlias) From A as sourceAlias join sourceAlias.refCollection as newAlias where is not null Here in the above query returns a composite primary key, hence the sql is select ...... where(pk1,pk2) is not null ERROR util.JDBCExceptionReporter - Operand should contain 1 column(s) how can we convert into HQL which is equivalent to SQL select .... where(pk1 not ...

11. ConstraintViolationException for a composite primary key

Hi, I work on an application using JPA and oracle. I have a class with a composite primary key : Code: @Entity @Table(schema = "ACCOUNT", name = "RLOGTRACE", uniqueConstraints = @UniqueConstraint(columnNames = {"LOG_DT", "LOG_USER_ID", "LOG_TYPE"})) public class RLogtrace implements { private RLogtraceId id; @EmbeddedId ...

12. Dealing with composite primary keys

13. Problems with composite primary keys

@Table(name = "TABLE_A", schema="SCHEM_A") public class Ejercicio implements { private TableAId id; @SuppressWarnings("serial") @Embeddable public class TableAId implements { @Column(name = "ID_TABLE_A", nullable=false) private Integer idTableA; @JoinColumn(name = "ID_COLUM_B") @ManyToOne private ...

14. MappingException using composite primary key

15. Defining composite primary key

Issue resolved! Not sure if this is the best way if anyone has any comments or suggestion please advice. Relationship between PartOne and PartOneDetails is defined as follows: Code: public class MainClass { @Id @Column(name="MAIN_ID") private Long id; @OneToOne(optional=false) @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn ...

16. one-to-many mapping via composite non-primary keys

I met such problem as below. If anyone has idea about that, please do me a favor. I need to mapping a one-to-many relationship in hbm file to join two tables(say table_A and table_B) together. The expected class heirachy like: class TableA { .... List tableb; } But the join is not based on the primary key of the table_A, but ...

17. composite primary key using JCS

Hi all, I hope somebody could help me out! I have a table with two fields to represent primary key, and currently I am using to handle it, it worked fine for me when I use session.load(.class, primaryKey), and session.update(...) But now I want to use JCS, I added into my .hbm.xml file, session.load(.class, primaryKey) works ok for ...

18. Generated Primary and Composite key in the same map...

Note: I am using Hibernate version 2.1.1, PostgreSQL version 7.4.1 Hi, I have a user map for which, as well as generating a primary key, need to make sure that the username and userpassword are unique as well to ensure that no 2 records with the same username, userpassword combination exist. In the map shown below, I tried to add a ...

19. OSCache and redefined Composite primary key's toString()

I had a big problem with 2nd level cache when using OSCache. Since OSCache uses String!! as key instead of Object it is a problem when a persistent class has got Composite primary key (with well redefined equals() and hashCode() methods) and you redefine toString() method. OSCashe provider stores the instance into cache using not compositePk itself but using the String ...

20. HELP: Mapping composite primary key

I'm getting quite stuck with this. I need to create a mapping for a very simple table with a composite primary key. Every way i have tried has given me errors. Here is the table. Code: create table z@ifmpsgl.ifmpsglx ( m_admin_div char(10) not null, m_finance_div char(10) not null, ...

21. Problem with createSQLQuery and composite primary keys

That worked! I had already built a quick jdbc hit to handle it but this gives me some better insight into the mechanisms of composite id handling and reduces the code by half. I'm hoping 3.0 has some better primary key handling such as mapping to the same object for multiple primary keys.

22. One-to-Many mapping with composite primary key :

Beginner Joined: Fri Jun 25, 2004 5:31 am Posts: 31 Hibernate version:2.1.7c [Name and version of the database :Oracle 8 I have the following senario and having trouble in getting records inserted into ITEM_DESPATCH table when saving an ITEM record. Quote: ITEM (ITEM_ID, NAME) ITEM_DESPATCH (ITEM_ID, SERIAL_CODE , QTY) My ITEM.hbm.xml is as follows: Code: