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1. hibernate composite Primary key contains a composite foreign key, how to map this

I searched there, and didn't find any similar topic, so I am posting a new question. I am working with Hibernate on an existing Database. The table structure and data we are ...

2. How to create an entity with a composite primary key containing a generated value

Using Hibernate + annotations, I'm trying to do the following: Two entities, Entity1 and Entity2.

  • Entity1 contains a simple generated value primary key.
  • Entity2 primary key is composed by a simple generated value + ...

3. Hibernate Composite primary key contains foreign key which is subset of other tables primary key, how to map?

The scenario is as follows Table A has a composite PK.

Table A 
a1 (pk)
a2 (pk)
a3 (pk)
LastUpdateUser ========
Table B has a composite PK too which ...

4. cannot add entry in table containing composite keys

Hi Guys, I am new to Hibernate and i am given some complex instruction to write. I have one table say(pract) with two columns. Both this columns for composite keys. One of the key references to 1 table and other references to table 2 i.e prac's one column is in one to many relationship with table 1 and column 2 with ...

5. Composite key containing a FK defined by a composite key

Newbie Joined: Tue Aug 03, 2004 11:34 am Posts: 8 Hi, I'm trying to map a table having a composite key wich contains a foreign key on a table where the key is itself a composite key. Here is the mapping. Code:

6. Composite key containing a generated column

(I have already posted this in the NHibernate forum, since that's what I'm using, but since I have received no answers after several days, and it's not really specifically an NHibernate issue, I thought I would try posting it here as well. Sorry for the cross-post!) I have an unusual DB schema, which however I would rather not change. Most of ...

7. Cascading with mapped composite-id containing a class?

Hi everybody, I have a class which uses a mapped composite identifier: Code: ... My problem is that when I save() a new instance of SEFile, ...

9. Unidirectional mapping with object containing composite keys

I have a BundleVO class which needs one-to-Many unidirectional association with ServiceDetailsVO class. ServiceDetailsVO contains composite primary key, one of the key being supplied from other model object When i give the below association in BundleVO @OneToMany(cascade = CascadeType.ALL, fetch = FetchType.EAGER) @JoinColumn(name="Bundle_Id", nullable = false) public Set getServiceDetails() { return this.serviceDetails; } It throws me the exception Caused by: org.hibernate.MappingException: ...

10. The Data Architects hate me... Composite ID containing anoth

For the record, this wasn't my idea. Any the DA's experience and comprehension is so far ahead of mine it is inconceivable I question their design or patterns. I have three tables: Customer, Client, Group Customer has an integer key:cust_id Client has a composite index of [FK to Customer, Integer key:client_id] Group has a composite index of [FK to Customer, FK ...

11. Help with mapping of composite key containing composite FK

I'm having some major difficulty in mapping a legacy data model without running into Exceptions and the like. Here are my tables: Code: CREATE TABLE programs ( program_id int NOT NULL, /* other cols here */ PRIMARY KEY (program_id) ) CREATE TABLE databases ( program_id int NOT NULL, ...