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1. Hibernate annotation equivalent for tag    coderanch.com

Hi, I have a table made up of 4 columns. There's no primary key column on the table, But every row will be unique if each of the columns make up the I'm planing to get my classes mapped using annotations, but can't seem to find the annotation equivalent for Any suggestions? Thanks, Vighnesh

2. equal method for a class in a set which has a composite-elem    forum.hibernate.org

I have a Set of Objects with in a class. That Object belong to Mapping table which has more attributes. (Hibernate manual 8.2. Collections of dependent objects) I created a composite-element which can hold attribute for many to many mapping. I am trying to write equal method to the composite-element class. The problem i have is this class now does not ...

3. Interesting Problem: Composite ID + Less-Than-Equal-To    forum.hibernate.org

PARENT_ID PARENT_CHANGE_ID CHILD_ID 123 1 456 123 2 456 ... CHILD_ID CHILD_CHANGE_ID 456 1 456 3 ...