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1. grails: quering in a composite structure

i have the following domain model:

class Location {
    String name

    static hasMany = [locations:Location, persons:Person]

class Person {
    String name
so basically each location ...

2. Using a composite key in GORM

In section of the grails document it says

GORM supports the concept of composite identifiers (identifiers composed from 2 or more properties). It is ...

3. Grails syntax for joining tables on composite foreign key

Could anyone please tell me how to join tables in Grails? I need help with the syntax. Let's say I have three tables and they don't have any explicitly defined foreign key ...

4. Grails - composite key class usage

I've recently changed some mapping in my app and now it looks like this. Scenario - many-to-many - Subscription Composite key class -> ScenarioSubscription

class ScenarioSubscription {

int id
Scenario scenario
Subscription subscription}
Works fine for me. But ...

5. GORM composite key based on start and end dates

I want to have a table, where I want to have entries, which are date ranged. How I normally did it, was to have a table with: someId [not unique] startDate endDate These three would create ...