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1. Hibernate does not fill AUTO_INCREMENT column being part of composite PK, bug or anti-feature?

I've found a problem with Hibernate and composite key with one of its column auto incremented. I'm using MySQL and primary key composed of 2 columns, GID and LANG. GID column is ...

2. JPA Mapping - Composite Key in Relationship

I have a problem with JPA mapping for a particular relation. In my MySQL database I have 3 entity in relationship:

..... VARCHAR(4) not null,
..... VARCHAR(3) not null,
..... VARCHAR(10) not ...

3. Under what condition we need to use composite keys in database

i have seen that we can have composite keys where the primary key is made up from combined primary keys of two tables. Like persons and Books

person_id and book_id will make the ...

4. JPA mapping: Assositation which primary key is compound of composite primary key of one entity and one atribute of other entity

If you are confused with title, i will try to explain what i was thinking.In matter a fact it's pretty simple. I have 3 tables (there is more, but it's not important ...

5. How to set the column order of a composite primary key using JPA/Hibernate

I'm having trouble with the ordering of the columns in my composite primary key. I have a table that contains the following:

public class MessageInfo implements Serializable {


6. Hibernate Mysql Auto Increment key part of a composite key

Hi I am facing a problem in saving data to a parent child relationship tables in MySQL. The scenario is Parent Table with Auto Increment Key (Database Generated AUTO_INCREMENT of MySQL). Child Table with Composite Key (One part of the same is the parent tables key and other is a user defined value). The Mapping for Parent Table contains the ID ...