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I have three classes that pose a problem when trying to add a new child. They are:

 User {
        List attributesGroup>

 AttributesGroup {

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Does hibernate has support for hierarchical data in a database where

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I am trying to reference some child entities with part of the parents composite key not all of it, why cant I? This happens when I use the following mapping instead ...

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Pls Provide me mapping for the following table CREATE TABLE adregistrationtbl ( NUM_ID int(20) NOT NULL auto_increment, openingDate date default NULL, purchaserName varchar(50) default NULL, purchaserAddress text, ...

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I presume this is an elementary question, but can't seem to find the answer. Using NHibernate, given a mapping with a one-to-many composite-element:

<class name="Event">
  <id name="Id">
    <generator ...

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I need configure the Set.hbm.xml file for mapping this table: TABLE "Set" [PK: IdSet int PK: dProject int ...

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NHibernate. I have 3 tables: Employee {PK:EmployeeId, Name, LastName, ...} Project {PK: ProjectId, date, name, ...} EmployeebyProject {PK:FK: EmployeeId, ProjectId, date, ...} I need make some CRUD, at this moment I have some records in the ...

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I have three tables: BillHead, BillDet, BilDetDet with the following db diagram
DB Diagram PK and FK's are defines as given below:

Table Name     Primary Key  ...