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1. Hibernate MapKeyManyToMany gives composite key where none exists

I have a Hibernate (3.3.1) mapping of a map using a three-way join table:

public class SiteConfiguration extends ConfigurationSet {

2. use oracle sequence in composite-id

3. Oracle sequence for a composite-id (PK)

I have a primary key with composite-id. I need to get a value in a Oracle Sequence. See the primary key that I need, but xdoclet raise a Exception when try generate xml descriptors. :( Code: public class PedidoPK implements Serializable { private long idPedido; private int idOrigem; ...

5. using Oracle sequence in composite id

Hello, I'm using Hibernate 3.1. After importing a db schema from Oracle I got, among others, this mapping: An additional Java class was created for the composite key (MyTestId). The class created ...

6. Composite key being serialized but Oracle expects "NUMB

Regular Joined: Thu Jul 01, 2004 12:13 am Posts: 68 Location: San Diego, CA Hello, I have a composite key of three foreign keys, which are generated by sequences in those ajoining tables. I watch the SQL flow through: first creates the IDs from the sequences, then calls the INSERT INTOs for the ajoining tables, and then attempts to INSERT INTO ...

7. specifying oracle sequence in composite-id

I have a composite key which consists of 2 members, one is of Long type and the other is of String type. I would like to use the oracle sequence for the Long type and I would also like to get the SQL DDL. How can I do it in the hbm.xml file? Thanks in advance. Ling Wang

8. HQL with join using composite-id on Oracle 9i

I've got a problem using HQL with join using composite-id on Oracle 9i. When I joint classes like: ... where idfklient=idfklientucet.klient .... and then generated sql: ... where (klu.idklient,klu.dotaz_id,klu.sablona_id)=(k.idklient,k.dotaz_id,k.sablona_id) ... This should join by composite-id, but generated SQL fails on Oracle (Postgres 8.1 is fine). Is this a dialect implementation problem or HQL processor problem? I can use workaround providing full ...

9. Oracle composite PKs and sequences

I have a primary key of a table "tabA" that consists of two columns "colA" and "colB". My questions are: 1. How can I specify a mapping so that each of these columns have a separate sequence associated. As far I can see, the generator-element does not apply to a column, but the primary key as a whole? 2. How can ...

10. Composite Primary Key with Oracle Sequence

Hi Friends, Can you guide me how to write hbm for composite primary key DVC_ID PORT_ID STATUS IP_ADDRESS PORT_NUMBER CONSTRAINT "PK_PROV_PHY_PORT_MAP" PRIMARY KEY ("DVC_ID", "PORT_ID") CONSTRAINT "PROV_Relationship1" FOREIGN KEY ("DVC_ID") REFERENCES "SUBSCRIBER_ADMIN"."PROV_PHYSICAL_DEVICES" ("DVC_ID") ENABLE My doubt is when map the above table i got the following hbm