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I have a class which has both an "implements" meta tag and a composite-id tag. When I use the hbm2java tool to generate java code, the generated composite-id class ends up implementing the interface, as well as the class. Unfortunately, the composite-id class will not compile unless I add the properties defined in the interface, which I can't do. Mapping file: ...

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Hello all. I am trying to generate the following mapping: I have tried the following xdoclet tags in my Module.java class, just before the getModulePieces() method: /** * @hibernate.bag cascade="all-delete-orphan" lazy="true" table=module_piece" * @hibernate.key column="id_module" * @hibernate.composite-element class="com.mycompany.model.ModulePiece" * @hibernate.property column="quantity" type="int" * ...

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I have a schema in sqlserver that utilizes a composite key, so I'd like to use the composite-id tag in my .hbm.xml mapping file, but it generates a parse error. Here is my .hbm.xml file, which is going against the northwind db in sqlserver 2000: Code:

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HI.. I am trying to use tag in . As per the hibernate 3.0 DTD, tag is not allowed in . Is there any work around or other way to achive this? My primary goal is to call a sequence to generate the id(which is in composite-id). on a column. Please suggest me in this regard. Thanks in advance. ...