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Newbie Joined: Sat Jan 17, 2009 8:50 am Posts: 3 Hello All, I've on Table which have a composite Key as a Primary key other table needs its reference as a Composite Key. Table1: SPECIALITY{ categoryid, specialityid, discription } PK( categoryid,specialityid) Table2: SpcialityVSDiscription{ id PK, categid, specialityid, discription } IN DB SpcialityVSDiscription table colums(categid,specialityid) mapped with SPECIALTY TABLES PK as FK. ...

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/** * @hibernate.set inverse="false" * table="policy" * lazy="false" * cascade="save-update" * * @hibernate.collection-key column="roleId" * @hibernate.composite-element class="Policy" * */

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Hi Gavin, btw: XDoclet: 1.2b4 Thanks for the reply, I'll try and elaborate. The mapping I've done by hand and it works really well. Now I'm implementing xDoclet to create my mapping files as the project is growing fast and it's becoming dificult to maintain one global mapping file. I can't recreate my "by-hand" mapping using xDoclet. Here are my two ...

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I'm trying to use hibernate on a database which heavily users composite keys. Is there any way I can keep using xdoclet? Is this still an XDoclet limitation (not supporting composite keys)? Any pointers to docs, source code snippets or anything will be highly appreciated since I'm stuck with this for already 3 days... Thanks to all

5. defining composite primary key using xdoclet    forum.hibernate.org

Here is an approach that works, but it's not exactly the nicest solution. The biggest problem is that the id class is required to implement Serializable as well as the equals and hashCode methods. I suppose it would be possible to enhance XDoclet to generate the code for the internal id class. At any rate, here ya go... public class BankAccount ...

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It's been a while (6 months) since I've used XDoclet and Hibernate, just to warn you. I have a table in my database - position_skill This table has a position_id column that refers to a position table. It also has a skill_id that refers to a skill table. Since both the position_id and skill_id foreign keys will have existing values, I ...

7. Composite key and XDoclet    forum.hibernate.org

aaaah XDoclet basically sucks at generating composite-id I looked it up and it turns out that the composite ids of the form: are impossible to generate. I would have to implement my composite-id as another object that would need to be Serializable and implement equals method. Anyway I think a merge point for ...

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Hi, I have a mapping as follows. How do I get xdoclet to generate "key-property" and "key-many-to-one" inside a composite-id? Code:

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Newbie Joined: Tue Mar 09, 2004 11:24 am Posts: 6 Hello, I want to generate my hbm.xml file with XDoclet. I want to use a composite id for my RightTO class. My implementation of the RightTO class looks like this: Code: /* * Created on Apr 6, 2004 * By beva * * History * Date User ...

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Hibernate version: Hibernate 2.1.2, XDoclet 1.2.1 I am having a problem using XDoclet to map a composite-element properly. I am trying to create a many-to-many relationship with a collection of components (I need associative properties along with the relationship.) In short, the problem is that the generated *.hbm.xml files have two many-to-one relationships in the composite-element instead of just one. I ...

12. Hibernate composite-id + xdoclet    forum.hibernate.org

Hello, I am using Hibernate2.x for ORM and would like to use XDoclet for generating HBM files. I have composite key in the tables. So can somebody guide me about how to generate HBM file using XDoclet for composite IDs? Also why does composite IDs have to be n different class? Code samples would be useful.. Thanks in advance Abhijit

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Looking at the XDoclet template might give you pretty good idea xdoclet-1.2.3/modules/hibernate/src/xdoclet/modules/hibernate/resources/hibernate.xdt Code: " ...