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1. Problem getting connection from Datasource in WSAD 5.1

Hi people. I'm trying to use Hibernate 2.1.2 with WSAD 5.1 and oracle 9i. The problem is in the SessionFactory.buildSessionFactory() method, because, inside in the DatasourceConnectionProvider.getConnection() method when trying to get the connection from the datasource object (wich isn't null) it throw me out without any exception, and I return to the finally clause in the class where I call buildSessionFactory. ...

2. hibernator plug with WSAD and connection problem

With simple folder structure is works fine where a com folder is having hbm files and java classes. But I have a J2EE project which has java project as hibernate_common this has package com.bgm.domain and it has hbm and java files. When u click on connect in hibernator for this project folder, then it gives the above error Thanks Yogs