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1. when to use hibernate.connection.provider_class

When should I use hibernate.connection.provider_class? I am a little confused between it and 'hibernate.connection.diver_class'. provider_class might be useful for connection pool is there any other purpose where we can use provider_class?

2. Hibernate C3P0 connection pool provider

Hello, I have a basic question in hibernate and c3p0. Should I need c3p0.jar in my lib directory for hibernate to use c3p0 connection pool provider. I have configured the hibernate c3p0 properties in cfg.xml file and I did not have c3p0 jar in the lib directory and hibernate did not give any warning messages, but my web application is able ...

4. how to use set hibernate.connection.provider_class

How can I set hibernate.connection.provider_class=com.opensourceconnections.msjdbcproxy.HibernateProvider in jboss-service.xml in sar? In other words, I don't know to use this property in context of jboss while hibernate is used as jboss service configured using mbean. I will prefer example of jboss-service.xml (in case that praefatus property should by set in jboss-service.xml in sar) Thanx very much for help.

5. when i use c3p0 for connection provider i can't operate db

my db is oracle 9i ,when i use c3p0 for connection provider i can't update and insert the table record. but i use the hibernte defaut connection pool ,there is nothing error. here is the test code. Code: Session s = HibernateUtil.currentSession(); net.sf.hibernate.Transaction t = null; try ...

6. Hibernate Connection Provider

7. Connection provider w/o pooling

Hello, guys. I'm new to Java and Hibernate. I'd like to know and receive, if possible, source code or even a bytecode package of a ConnectionProvider implementation without connection pooling support. It sounds strange, but I have a JPA compliant application that uses Hibernate and annotations and I must test this with and without connection pooling feature in order to measure ...

8. dynamically change in hibernate.connection.provider_class

Hi All, I'm facing a problem and like to share and have your feedbacks. My problem is that I have a single application that should, basing on user login and some business rules, use a lot of different datasources ( about 6000 ). I'm going to use a lot of datasource because they reference differents mysql database and not only for ...