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1. Dialect used when connecting to MS Access database using Grails    stackoverflow.com

I am to connect to MS Access database in my application that uses grails. I am in the process of configuring my Datasource.groovy, but am not sure of the dialect to be ...

2. 'hibernate.dialect' must be set when no Connection available    coderanch.com

I started to learn hibernate for 2 days. Everything was going ok until i got this damned error message whatever i do i couldnt fix it. I google it all 2 days but couldnt understand the solution. Is there anybody in here to help my problem. Here is my configuration file:

4. NEWBIE: Can I put DB dialect in my DataSource file?    forum.hibernate.org

I am reworking a Sybase Hibernate/JBoss app to point to Oracle. I would like to record all our known Sybase and Oracle datasources in a single datasource file. Then in my hibernate-service file I will select which datasource I use. However, I find the database dialect specification in the MBean definition in the hibernate-service.xml file as well as the JNDI datasource ...