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1. How to reuse existing connection in Open Session In view pattern implementation of Hibernate?

I am using Hibernate by implementing "Open Session in view" pattern?It opens a new connection per request. Is there any way to use the existing connection? Is my understanding correct? May ...

2. ThreadLocal pattern and multiple datasource

We are on design phase of our project. The project needs to access multiple datasources, such as central database, project_1_db, project_2_db... We are using Jboss as the ejb container and deploying hibernate as a jboss service. We use DAO factory pattern (called from Stateless session bean) and use Jboss's connection pooling. We only deploy one SessionFactory with a predefined jndi name. ...

3. Open Session in View pattern and DB Connection pooling

Hi all, I am implementing Open Session in View pattern in a struts application and using DBCP pool for connection pooling. My question is: Does a Hibernate Session holds the same database connection for the Session's life time or does it open and close a connection from the pool during each Transaction? Thank you.