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Hi all. Perhaps there should be a separate Hibern8IDE forum? For now, I'll post my question here: I launch the IDE and add my hibernate.properties file. Also, adds my XML file containing all mappings (one single file.) Hit Apply. Nothing happends. Then tries to add an xml config files (without any entries), but the same. Then tries to run a query, ...

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as you say ,i only choose the hibernate.properties and the hibernate.cfg.xml(because i write some :) but here still some problem,when i press the botton of apply ,it tell me nothing ,it like nothing happen!! here is my run.bat for the IDE---> java -classpath F:\ElsaJava\database\hibernate2.1.1\hibernate2.jar;F:\ElsaJava\IDE\hibern8ide-0.9\hibern8ide-0.9\hibern8ide.jar;F:\ElsaJava\IDE\hibern8ide-0.9\hibern8ide-0.9\lib\pf-joi-full.jar;F:\ElsaJava\database\hibernate2.1.1\lib\commons-logging.jar;F:\ElsaJava\database\hibernate2.1.1\lib\commons-collections.jar;F:\ElsaJava\database\hibernate2.1.1\lib\commons-lang.jar;F:\ElsaJava\database\hibernate2.1.1\lib\jdom.jar;F:\ElsaJava\database\hibernate2.1.1\lib\dom4j.jar;F:\ElsaJava\database\hibernate2.1.1\lib\odmg.jar;F:\ElsaJava\CodeHibernate\hibernate\classes;E:\oracle\ora81\jdbc\lib\classes12.jar;F:\ElsaJava\database\hibernate2.1.1\lib\ehcache.jar net.sf.hibern8ide.Hibern8IDE here is my file: hibernate.properties---> ## Oracle #hibernate.dialect net.sf.hibernate.dialect.OracleDialect #hibernate.connection.driver_class oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver #hibernate.connection.username sfhc #hibernate.connection.password b ...

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Hello everybody, It sounds to me that Hibern8Ide is a great tool. But I could not execute any HQL using Hibern8IDE ):- I gave the properties file and calsspath in the configuration Tab. Then Press apply. The console does not show any exception. But I could not explore my mapped class[\b]. More over, when ever I run HQL it shows exception ...

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Newbie Joined: Mon Oct 18, 2004 11:35 am Posts: 3 Hi, I have tested a HQL query from Hibern8IDE with success, but when I have tested the same HQL Query in J2EE environment (IONA AppServer) it does not work. Hibernate version: 2.1.6 Mapping documents: I have used the same mapping file in the two tests:

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Hello. I have worked with Hibernate8IDE 2.1 and hibernate 2 one year ago and i saw in this tool a very good way to build and test hqls. However now i am again in need of this tool but now i work with hibernate 3, and..i have the same old version Hibern8ide. I don't have mapping files (required in this tool) ...