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Can I change the default operator of disjunction in Hibernate Criteria? usage:

I want to set 'and' operator !

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Newbie Joined: Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:09 am Posts: 2 Hello All, As we use Disjuntion to 'OR' different Criterion is it possible to 'OR' different Criteria? Scenario: We have 3 party types - sasinesThirdParties, sasinesGrantors and sasinesGrantees. Now we need to have a search query where the Forename and the Surname is entered by the user, it could be the ...

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The Criteria and Junction API seems to be a nice fit for a filtering use case we have that also requires logical operations. In our DAO when building the Criteria object we determine what type of junction the user wishes to apply in this way: Code: ... ...