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1. Envers AuditQuery - filter using AND / OR

how can I filter AuditQuery using AND / OR? I can simple do (name = 'John' and address is not null):

But how can I do (name = 'John' and address ...

2. need help with HQL / filter criteria

3. Filters with Criteria or HQL

We are having an issue where we are trying to use Hibernate Filters on top of either a Criteria or HQL. However, whenever we set a filter on the class or a Set within the class in the mapping file, the criteria or HQL is ignored and only the filter seems to be applied to the results. We need both the ...

4. Possible to filter this way with Criteria?

I have been trying to figure this out for a few days and still haven't had any luck. I'm hoping that there is a simple obvious solution to this that I am overlooking, apologies if there are similar posts, I tried searching. Basically, let's say I want a list of Parents that have a child named Jane. The parent class has ...